3 Things You Need For Your First Day Of School At Kalu Yala

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By Taylor Epps

Think back to your last, first day of school. Your outfit picked out and ready, book bag packed full of every item on the list your teacher sent out. Your final summer week night spent running around the backyard with your friends, covered in melted Popsicle juice, fireflies waking up and streetlights turning on. You can see it, can’t you.

As children, we mourn the loss of summer and dread the return of school. That is, until the first day finally arrives! While stylish new outfits and number 2 pencils top most back-to-school lists, the jungle calls for a different set of resources. Read on to see what we’ve got in our backpacks this semester at Kalu Yala!

3 Things You Need For Your First Day Of School at Kalu Yala

1.  Willingness to Unplug

Surprisingly, the first thing in our backpacks this semester doesn’t take much space, but makes a huge difference. Kalu Yala runs on solar power. This means the sun is our resource and if there’s no sun– there’s no power. When you unplug yourself from the digital space, magic happens. You make friends, you see the world around you, and you learn to lean into experiences and relationships. Willingness is crucial here. If you aren’t willing, you’ll spend your first days in one of the most beautiful places on earth, feeling miserable. Unplug and lean in.

Photo by Jenna Duffy

2. Machete Skills

Of all the things you thought you’d have in your backpack this semester, a machete probably wasn’t one of them. But, in the jungle, a machete is your best friend. Don’t worry, we teach all of our students how to properly and responsibly use these bad ass blades.

954A55171.JPGPhoto by Jenna Duffy

 3. Work Gloves

There are so many fun and wonderful projects going on at Kalu Yala and you want to be ready for everything. You never know when a pair of durable work gloves might come in handy. From working on the farm, to building a tiny house, to setting up lights for a film shoot, this simple addition to your back-to-school shopping list will make a world of difference.

954A57691.JPGPhoto by Jenna Duffy

We hope this gives you a little insight to the awesome hands on  institute that Kalu Yala is. Get excited about what’s going on in the Panamanian jungle. Who knows, maybe we will see you next semester for machete training 101!

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