How Would You Design a Modern Sustainable Town?

Kalu Yala is on a mission to build and redesign places to be more socially and environmentally responsible. We're looking for students to help us.             What are you up to?

There's no other study abroad program like this.

Jump into a sustainable town building startup. The Kalu Yala Institute is for students and entrepreneurs passionate about addressing social and environmental issues through the discovery and application of scalable solutions and products.

Why you should be here

Passion-Driven Projects

We don't tell you what to do; you tell us what we should be doing. Spearhead projects that solve tough issues and drive the evolution of communities.

Wild Campuses

Get out of the classroom and into the wild– from lush jungles and beaches to developing towns and skyscraping cities.

Stimulating Community

Live in a diverse community of students and entrepreneurs dedicated to living, working, and growing sustainably. 

Travel & Adventure

Get to know Panama – a country of incredible biodiversity and progress. Exploration isn't just encouraged– it's built into your curriculum. 

Academic Credit

Score credit from your university for your time spent at Kalu Yala. Earn between 3-12 credit hours for each semester.

Entrepreneur Ideal

Launch a business at Kalu Yala, and sell or expand it through our business incubator. Get funding and support for your social enterprise.

What Former Students Say

Shane Melaugh

“This experience is far superior to a typical study abroad because it allows the individual to control their own education. I gained unbelievable skills crucial for my development in business and was able to network with great people. Plus, I was able to travel throughout all of Panama, Chile, and Peru because of the timeline. Overall, this experience is enriching because of the people, the places, and the work we were doing in sustainability. I believe it is more rewarding than the typical study abroad in Europe.”
Shane Melaugh

The best thing that Kalu Yala has done for me is giving me the time and space to be around people and ideas that have never made it into my life before. I have never been to a place that empowers young people like Kalu Yala. I work here now, and am so inspired everyday to see what all the young people coming through can do when you simply show them that you believe in their ideas and that they have your support. The ripple effect of this and what is happening here is radical and revolutionary. This is a place where people really try to embody the change that they want to see in the world. I feel so lucky to call Kalu Yala home.

-Sam Picker,  Student Liason and former Community Wellness student

Help us build something good.

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