Kalu Yala Lawsuit and Accident History

We’re proud to say that after 8 years in business, 23 semesters, over 800 students and over 1,000 guests coming to events, there has never been a legal issue of any nature or lawsuit at Kalu Yala and our safety record is exemplary.

As a leading provider of wilderness experiential education, safety is required as a priority. We employ a full-time medical staff with dedicated Wilderness First Responders, Emergency Medical Technician, and a Mental Health Counselor.  Our Emergency Response Plan is updated every semester and reviewed by most universities providing credit to their students.  We review it with students in Orientation Week and conduct two emergency response drills during the semester, along with training all students in basic wilderness first aid and response. For a copy of it, please email hello@kaluyala.com.

After thousands of hikes, our two worst accidents were a broken collar bone and a broken leg, both of which were sustained from otherwise minor falls while hiking. In each case the student made quick, complete recoveries and full, independent reviews of the accidents were conducted. Our responses to them were found be excellent.

In addition to our own safety and medical resources/personnel, Panama’s Johns Hopkins managed Punta Pacifica Hospital is largely regarded as the best medical facility in Latin America and is located 1 hour from Kalu Yala. We also have helicopter emergency evacuation availability within 45 minutes of any accident.

Lastly, we picked Panama largely due to its political stability and safety.  Panama and Chile are the two top ranked countries in Latin America for personal safety according to the 2017 Gallup Law & Order Index. With the highest GDP per capita in Latin America, the 2nd largest duty free zone in the world after Hong Kong, and an airport that is the hub for the region, Panama benefits from all the culture of the tropics while having the modern security of a first world country.

In regards to our specific locations in Panama- San Miguel is a small town where nearly everyone knows everyone else and has little crime. Kalu Yala is 5 miles away from San Miguel via 4×4 only roads, so it’s also very safe. Panama City, like almost any major city in the world, has areas where crime is more common, but our location in Bella Vista is one of the safest areas in the city. At both San Miguel and Panama City, however, we still have either security fences or a gated building.