Kalu Yala's 
Media Residency Program

Residency Summary

Kalu Yala is looking for documentary field producers and camera ops who are ready to have an impact.  You will spend 4 hours per day working on Kalu Yala's new narrative docu-series and have 4 hours to work on your own independent projects. While creating a show that tells an inspirational story to humanity and you'll be building your own reel with great content, unique characters and stunning settings.  

You will have no rent and your meals will all be provided for free by our talented kitchen staff that uses local ingredients and caters to numerous dietary restrictions. A monthly stipend for other living expenses will be available based on experience and deliverables.

This residency program will provide artists with access to Kalu Yala's locations, media facilities, and in-house expertise. Residents have the opportunity to work in collaboration with various Kalu Yala departments and get featured across our robust social media platforms that have hundreds of thousands of followers.

As a resident, you'll live and create in a sustainable town being built on re-purposed farmland in the jungles of Panama and travel frequently to Panama City and other tropical locations. You'll meet passionate students, accomplished professionals, and salt-of-the-earth locals while documenting their incredible stories.  


Film and video, photography, journalism, writing, and blogging, technology, media arts.


1-6 months, depending on performance. We often hire outstanding participants.


A cool and comfortable camp in the Panama rainforest, Panama City, and other tropical locations.


Full housing and meal plan, professional instruction and mentorship, huge international network. $500-2,000 monthly stipend.

Recent Student and Resident Work

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Ruby Rose Spring 2018

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Kalu Yala Media Program Summer 2016

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Skyler Knutzen Spring 2017

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Ruby Rose Spring 2018

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Kalu Yala Media Program Fall 2016

How to Apply

Interested artists should email david@filmcanopy.com with C.V and portfolio. You may also want to include links to your website and social media accounts. We are most interested in artists with a budding portfolio. 

Media Residents will be expected to submit brief project proposals with key milestones, and if accepted to execute those milestones to maintain residency.

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