"We're here to prove humans can be great stewards of the earth. I believe that we were all born to do good."

Jimmy was raised with the belief that what you do should be good for others. His father was born in Kirkwood, Missouri and following this belief became a story of success as Atlanta's real estate broker who told the truth. He taught Jimmy about the industry, society's need for good places, and how real estate could help or hurt neighborhoods. 

"Neighborhoods and towns are the building blocks of civilization. If we want to create a sustainable world, we first have to learn how to build a sustainable town."

Together, they decided to create Kalu Yala to prove that doing good is good for business and that real estate should be a force for good.

Facts about Kalu Yala and it's achievements so far:

  • People at Kalu Yala produce 8% of the carbon footprint of the average American
  • 94% of alumni from the research institute say their experience contributed to career growth
  • Kalu Yala has already increased the biodiversity and carbon sequestration of the land we purchased by occupying it with our settlement. 
"It's amazing to realize that we are all creating this world together and that we can each make it better...to see that, we just have to take the first step."

Learn more about how Jimmy thinks we can build a better world.

Some facts about Jimmy, his family, and Kalu Yala

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