23 Ridiculous Photos That Pretty Much Represent Kalu Yala

a couple of years ago

1. This photo of our commute into the jungle.

The commute into Kalu Yala


2. The photo of the first day of Summer ’17 semester, where everyone’s already acting weird


3. This photo of our swimming hole, which looks too good to be true


4. This photo of the media program, after director David (center) told students to pretend they were having fun.


5. This photo of what feels like a relatively common situation, all things considered


6. This photo of the moment you discover your inner Slytherin


7. This photo of questionable-looking liquids the bio team is always sequestering


8. This photo of outdoor rec students on what looks like a pretty hardcore jungle hike.


9. This photo of our distiller wearing a penguin suit for no apparent reason


10. This photo of how to enjoy rainy season in the tropics


11. This photo of staff members being professional and adult-like


12. This photo of a chicken laying eggs wherever the hell she wants.


13. This photo of Ramon, our badass vecino y amigo, sharpening his machete, being better than us at everything.


14. This photo of returning home to find a pregnant and slightly emotional horse at your tent.


15. This photo of snack time at Staff Camp

Carine eating snacks at staff camp


16. This photo of a dude jumping off a waterfall


17. This sweet, only slightly anarchist craft project


18. This photo of baby animals doing baby animal things


19. This photo of books about stuff we like to think about


2o. This photo of waking up late on the weekends


21. This photo of the victim of a ruthless mud attack.


22. This photo of bros hangin’ in the BroDome.


23. This photo of the reason bug nets exist.